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Jøtul F600 Firelight CB
Cast iron
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Hearthstone Mansfield
Cast iron and stone
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Pacific Energy
Pacific Energy
Steel plate
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Pacific Energy
Cast Iron
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FAQ and Terminology: Gas Stoves

  • How is heating measured? Heating is measured in BTU as a rule of thumb. Divide the BTUs by 20 to get the heating capacity in square feet. Example: 40,000 BTUs divided by 20 = 2,000 square feet. Heating in square feet is based on an assumed 8 ft. ceiling in an open and well-insulated room.
  • Direct Vent Stove: Exhaust (chimney) pipe double wall inner pipe goes out outer pipe air intake. (?)
  • B Vent Stove: Uses single wall exhaust pipe and inside air. This is an old design which is almost never used today.