Mountain Spa & Stove
Jim and Betsy Fulling, Owners

Tired of working as a corporate executive, Jim Fulling shucked that world from his back in the '70s and went into business for himself. He and his wife, Betsy, moved to a small town in northern California, opened a Napa Auto Parts store, raised kids and joined the Rotary. As the Rotary played Santa Claus to every child in town, giving each a stocking every Christmas, Jim allowed his trademark white hair and beard to grow full, cementing his likeness to Father Christmas.

It was a good life, but the pair wanted more. With kids raised, they began to search in the Pacific Northwest for a place to live and a viable business to buy. That search took them through Montana, Washington, Oregon and northern Idaho. In the fall of 1990 they arrived in Sandpoint as the proud new owners of a downtown store selling stoves and spas.

Not long after they moved the store into the old Sears building on Michigan St., where they’re still located today. Mountain Spa and Stove carries over 100 floor models of stoves, furnaces and fireplaces, including wood, gas and pellet, plus three separate brands of spas suitable for any price range.

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